All the way forward with concentric MBO Group held a grand celebration of the 14th anniversary of entrepreneurship


Text / Editorial Department Zhang Baocheng
May 17 is the 14th anniversary of MBO entrepreneurship, on the morning of that day, MBO Group held a simple and grand celebration. Yu Fangwen, director of MBO Group, pointed out at the celebration meeting that every MBO person should continue to carry forward the spirit of creating change, craftsmen, acting and struggling, and contribute to creating tens of billions of MBO without regret. We should work together to promote the cause of MBO to achieve a new take-off.

The main venue of the celebration meeting was in the conference room on the third floor of Shunde Junan base, and the group's senior leaders and staff representatives from various departments attended the meeting. Participants from Wuhu, Anqing and Yuexi bases participated via videoconference.

Chairman Yu Fangwen delivered a keynote speech of "Work together, all the way forward." He first thanked all MBO staff for their hard work in the past year. It is because of the cooperation and persistent efforts of every MBO staff that MBO has achieved sustainable and healthy development. He said that the scale of production and marketing of MBO continues to grow, and the brand image is growing day by day, and it is becoming a new qualitative force in the industry that can not be ignored, which promotes the innovation and development of the industry.

He pointed out that the development concept of MBO is open, professional and sharing, which aims to create an open and inclusive career platform and promote the common growth and development of industries, enterprises and employees. Through more than ten years' efforts, MBO has gradually built up a specialized, standardized, systematic and comprehensive platform for production, research and marketing. This year is the year of quality of MBO, clearly put forward the quality upward, To create a real effort air conditioning development strategy, and comprehensively promote the multi-brand development strategy, the introduction of talents at all levels, so that enterprises take the stage, talent singing, so that "all MBO people can show their skills, play, with their own efforts and talents to create value, realize value."
How can MBO stand out and develop ahead in the market competition? Chairman Yu Fangwen also pointed out the direction at the meeting: "We should adhere to the mission pursuit of creating value for society and creating a better life for users, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, adhere to customer-centric and product-based, and satisfy customers with excellent products and services." He also asked all MBOs to: “In order to sustain change, The MBO spirit of craftsman, responsibility and struggle, continuous innovation and change, change and progress, become an expert in their own position, do the best job no matter simple or difficult, and dare to take responsibility, dare to do, and finally create big opportunities with hard work, and promote great development with professional hard work.”

Yu Fangwen Dong Shi Chang expects that on the new platform and starting point, all MBO people have dreams, and strive with one heart to make tens of billions of MBO without regret. "Let us forge ahead and forge ahead with one heart and one heart. Let us forge ahead and push the MBO business to a new journey and achieve a new take-off!"
On the scene of the conference, the passionate "Song of MBO" made people passionate. Group senior leaders cut birthday cake, open champagne, wish MBO future "all the way forward." All the participants ate cake, drank champagne, tasted fruit, talked and laughed happily, and celebrated the 14th anniversary of MBO.