Meibo set out for love and set up a charity fund for love.


On September 9, 2023, the 10th anniversary celebration of the Lunjiao Street Football Association and the flag awarding ceremony for the establishment of the Lunjiao Street Women's Football Team were held in Shunde. As a practitioner of international sports marketing, Meibo Group once again demonstrated its commitment to sports and public welfare, and formally established the Meibo Di Ai Public Welfare Fund, named Lunjiao Men's Football Team. This measure aims to combine sportsmanship with public welfare undertakings and reflect Meibo Group's commitment to society and sustainable development, it will contribute to broader social development.



Meibo Group has always adhered to international sports marketing, from sponsoring the New Zealand National Men's Basketball Team to Shenzhen China-Serbia Women's Volleyball Team, to becoming a partner of the FIBA International Solidarity Cup and a sponsor of the Serbian National Men's Basketball Team, Meibo Group has integrated sports spirit with corporate development, and its products are exported to 82 countries around the world.

However, as the company continues to grow, Meibo Group is deeply aware of the importance of public welfare. Tong Jiumei, director of the general manager office of Meibo group and founder of Meibo diai public welfare fund, said: we have always firmly believed that the development of enterprises should be accompanied by the performance of social responsibility.


Group photo of members of the Lunjiao Football Association


In order to fulfill this mission, Ms. Tong Jiumei, director of general manager office of Meibo Group and founder of Meibo Di Ai Charity Fund, announced the formal establishment of Meibo Di Ai Charity Fund, which will become an important platform for Meibo Group to give back to the society and support sustainable development.


Meibo Group Donates Photo to Lunjiao Football Association


The Meibo Love Charity Fund will focus on sports, education, health and other aspects, gather every tiny drop of love into great love, and continue to start for love.


Flag Ceremony


As the beginning of Meibo Di Ai Charity Fund, Meibo Group named the Lunjiao Men's Football Team and formally established the Lunjiao Men's Football Team of Meibo Group. This dynamic team is composed of a group of college students who love sports and young people who love football in society. Meibo Di Ai Fund will fully support the development of the team and implant international sports experience into the local team., To help their dreams. They will also become a new bridge between Meibo Group and Lunjiao. Through the medium of sports, we will spread love and care, and pass the warmth of society to those in need.


Lunjiao Football Association Gives Back Jersey to Meibo Group for Photo


In the future, the Meibo Diai Charity Fund will invest in a wider range of fields to help more people realize their dreams and gather little love into big love. This series of measures not only represents the perfect combination of sports and public welfare, but also the firm commitment of Meibo Group to social responsibility. Meibo Group will continue to contribute to the progress and sustainable development of society, and create a better future with sportsmanship and public welfare mission.


Tong Jiumei, founder of Meibo Di Ai Charity Fund, signed on the spot.