Meibo Donates 400000 yuan to Junan Women's Basketball Team


On February 29, Junan in Shunde "forged ahead to win a good start"

At the signing ceremony for the concentrated start of industrial projects in the first quarter of 2024,



Meibo donated 400000 yuan to Junan Women's Basketball Association,

It is used to continuously cultivate the city's boutique sports brand of "Junan Women's Basketball Team.

Meibo Group Chairman Yu Fangwen attended the donation ceremony.



It is understood that Shunde Junan women's basketball team was established in 1976Year,

AfterOver 40 years of development,The Junan Women's Basketball Team has become a nationwide women's peasant team,

A total of 30 national championships.ManyOne, international championEight, winning six consecutive championships in the National Peasant Games,

Visited Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, etcMore than a dozencountries,

It has become a sports card of Shunde and even Guangdong.,Won the "Southern Golden Phoenix" reputation,

AlsoA Banner of Peasant Sports in China.


Chen Rongjie, Secretary of Junan Commune, Peng Songjiang, Director of the Party Office (left in the back row), and coach He Xinfu (right in the back row) and the first generation of players (1977)


International Women's Basketball Tournament (Women's Basketball VS Singapore)


Through this donation,

Help Junan Women's Basketball Team to Carry out SystemDegree, systematic and scientific training,

Continue to polish the brand of "Junan Women's Basketball Team,

so as to further enhance the cultural connotation of the shunde famous brand,

Support and promote the sustainable development of women's basketball in Shunde.

This donation also reflects Meibo's commitment to sports marketing.

Adhere to and support for charity and public welfare.