The entire industrial chain layout is exported to 82 countries worldwide

MBO was founded in 2010 and has developed into a professional national high-tech enterprise in the refrigeration industry that integrates production, research, and sales. In 2022 and 2023, it has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the "Top Ten Brands in the Air Conditioning Industry" and participated in the formulation of the national standard for room air conditioners (GB/T 7725-2022). To achieve a full industry chain layout in the fields of household air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, special air conditioning, wearable air conditioning, heat pump air conditioning, etc., and provide air quality and environmental temperature solutions for global users.

At present, MBO Group has three major digital production bases in Anqing, Anhui, Wuhu, and Foshan, Guangdong. It has brands such as MBO , Lejn Lejing, Meipont Meibang, Wanbao Wanbao, and Yu Shifu, and its annual production capacity of air conditioning has reached 7.5 million sets.

MBO Group actively integrates into international sports marketing, from sponsoring the New Zealand national men's basketball team to the Shenzhen China Serbia women's volleyball team, and then becoming a partner of the FIBA International Solidarity Cup and a sponsor of the Serbia national men's basketball team. Its products are exported to 82 countries worldwide.

Technology empowers quality protection

Technology empowers innovation first. MBO is firmly committed to the development direction of being a technology-based and innovative enterprise, and actively participates in the formulation of national and industry product technology standards. As of the end of 2023, we have over 600 patents, including over 100 invention patents.

With product as the root and quality as the escort, MBO continues to promote its boutique strategy and comprehensive quality management, establishing a traceable, controllable quality management system that covers the entire product lifecycle and process, and strictly controlling every quality control. Since 2018, MBO has been awarded the titles of "National Product and Service Quality Integrity Brand", "National Leading Enterprise in Home Appliance Industry Quality", and "National Stable and Qualified Quality Inspection Product" by the China Quality Inspection Association for consecutive years.

Building a global leading brand in the refrigeration sector

MBO Group adheres to the business model of honest cooperation and mutual benefit, actively integrates high-quality resources in the global industrial chain, continuously explores consumer demand, opens up new tracks, and works meticulously in the field of refrigeration, achieving sustained high-speed growth while promoting industrial development and progress.

In the future, MBO Group will uphold the unchanged original intention of "good air conditioning and MBO", and with the spirit of innovation, craftsmanship, struggle, and responsibility, strive to become a global leading brand in the field of refrigeration. We will continue to work towards the responsibility mission of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, creating value for society, and creating a better life for users.

Yu Fangwen

Chairman of the Group

Yu Fangwen was born on December 6, 1980, a native of Yuexi, Anhui Province. He is the vice chairman of Guangdong Household Appliances Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of Meibo Group. He has participated in drafting and revising national standards, industry standards and group standards in the field of air conditioning for many times, and has set up subsidiaries and R&D centers in Wuhu, Anhui Province and Shunde, Guangdong Province, etc. He has formed a perfect product chain layout of special refrigeration equipment, household air conditioners, central air conditioners, shared air conditioners and heat pumps.

In 2010, he founded Meibo Company, created the brand "Meibo", and determined the development route for Meibo;
In 2013, the nationalized brand layout was started;
In 2014, the sales scale of Meibo brand increased dramatically, and officially started the national online and offline layout;
In 2015, reached a strategic cooperation with domestic famous brands, led the company to upgrade its brand, and obtained dozens of patented technologies;
In 2017, the joint Internet company developed the world's first shared air conditioner, and was supported by orders from college apartments across the country, creating a new track of intelligent shared air conditioners;
In 2018, opened the whole industry chain mode of independent research and development, self-built factories, and independent support;
In 2019, led Meibo Group to open sports marketing and became the official sponsor of the New Zealand national men's basketball team in the 2019 Basketball World Cup, opening up the international market
In 2020, it will have strategic cooperation with Philips of the Netherlands and become the only air-conditioning licensee of Philips in China;
In 2021, Meibo brand opened up sales in the international market, won a number of international certifications, steadily expanded the global market, and established a strong sales network in Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries;
In 2022, Meibo will be recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the top ten brands in the field of air conditioners, and will develop the world's first wearable air conditioner, creating the fourth track of air conditioners and becoming the world's leading brand in the field of wearable air conditioners. Deepened sports marketing and became the official top sponsor of China-Serbia women's volleyball team. Our products are exported to 82 countries around the world;

In May 2023, in view of the contribution and influence of Mr. Yu Fangwen, Chairman of MEBO Group, in the industry, the Academic Committee of the College of Architecture and Engineering of Anhui University of Technology unanimously decided to appoint Mr. Yu Fangwen, Chairman of MEBO Group, as a part-time professor of the College for a period of three years.

In June 2023, Mr. Yu Fangwen, Chairman of MEBO Group, and Mr. Liu Bing, Chairman of Tiger Sports Media (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties, and MEBO Group officially became the official partner of FIBA 2023 "International Solidarity Cup" and the official sponsor of Serbian National Basketball Team, which further promotes the brand and international development. Internationalization development.

Corporate Mission Creating value for society and a better life for users

With beautiful products and excellent service, we create value for customers, industry chain partners and society, and create a better life for users!

Corporate Vision Become the world's leading brand in the refrigeration segment

Focus on the refrigeration industry, take the road of specialized development. In refrigeration in a number of niche areas of the depth of the layout, intensive cultivation, and ultimately create industry-leading core competitiveness, to become the world's leading brand.

Corporate Values Customer first, demand first; Integrity is the soul, and cooperation is paramount; Product as the root, innovation first; Employee oriented, efficiency first

The customer's needs are the direction we strive for. Putting customers first and satisfying them is our top pursuit, and we continuously meet the consumption needs of consumers. We are committed to providing differentiated innovative products and excellent services to global consumers, creating a high-quality and comfortable life.
Integrity is the foundation of building a person and a company. In both personal and professional life, one must treat others with integrity, and be trustworthy and trustworthy individuals and businesses. Internally, it is about unity and cooperation, promoting the sharing of achievements and common growth between people and enterprises; Externally, it is honest cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, promoting common development between both sides.
Products are the foundation of manufacturing enterprises, and manufacturing competitive and good products is the most powerful weapon for Meibo to participate in market competition., Innovation is the soul of Meibo's development, technological innovation is the core driving force of Meibo's development, mechanism innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, etc. are the sources of enhancing enterprise advantages and vitality.
Employees are the primary element of enterprise development, and competition between enterprises is also a competition for talent. To promote humanized management, fully utilize the abilities of each employee, and prioritize all work. Efficiency is the key to success, and only by winning quickly can we have cost advantages and core competitiveness.

Spirit of MBO: Innovation, Craftsmanship, Commitment and Struggle




In March 2023, Meibo participated in the formulation of GBT 7725-2022 "Room Air Conditioner" national standard. In April 2023, Meibo Group and Anhui University of Technology launched a new generation of CO₂ heat pump air conditioners in the world, marking the official launch of Meibo Group's globalization strategy for heat pump air conditioners. In June 2023, Meibo Group officially became the official partner of the FIBA 2023 "International Solidarity Cup" and the official sponsor of the Serbian National Men's Basketball Team, further promoting the international development of the brand.


In May 2022, "take the land to start, hand over the land to issue a license", a total investment of 0.55 billion yuan of Meibo commercial special air conditioning digital intelligent production base settled in Shunde Junan. In July 2022, Meibo solemnly released a new category of micro-DC compressor wearable special air-conditioning in Shunde, Guangdong, so that the world's 0.3 billion outdoor high-temperature workers enjoy cool. In November 2022, Meibo became the official sponsor of Shenzhen Zhongsai Women's Volleyball Team and joined hands in the 2022-2025 China Women's Volleyball Super League. In December 2022, Meibo was recognized as "Top Ten Brands in Air Conditioning Industry" by the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ".


In 2021, Meibo won the industry's only "Most Growing Home Appliance Brand of the Year" honor.


In September 2020, Meibo Air Conditioning (Wuhu) Industrial Park was officially completed and put into operation, making the project one of the largest efficient and intelligent air conditioning manufacturing bases in East China.


In July 2019, he is currently Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, and Li Guoying, then Deputy Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial Government, visited Meibo Air Conditioning Wuhu Industrial Park and was included in the Anhui Provincial 2019 Major Project Library.


In March 2018, Meibo Air Conditioning Wuhu Intelligent Shared Air Conditioning Industrial Park was officially put into production, and the first MBO Meibo Shared 1.0 Edition was produced in Wuhu, Anhui Province. In August 2018, with live TV on the screen, it landed on Zhejiang Satellite TV's "This is Dunk" brand promotion.


In August 2017, it was the first to launch the shared air conditioner, opening a new era of global shared air conditioning. In September 2017, Meibo Intelligent Shared Air Conditioning Industrial Park will be located in Wuhu. The phase covers an area of 400 mu, with an investment of 1.08 billion billion yuan and an annual output of about 5 million sets of air conditioners. In November 2017, Meibo Air Conditioning successfully sponsored the International Blue League 2019 Basketball World Cup New Zealand National Men's Basketball Team, and the brand internationalization strategy was launched.


In 2016, the 2017 annual global dealer meeting with the theme of "leading the way in prosperous times and winning the world" will be held.


In 2015, he will be in the scientific research of Shunde to become a beautiful intelligent air conditioner.


Established Guangdong Shunde R & D and production base in 2014.


MBO Meibo brand was founded in Foshan, Guangdong.

Adherence to sports marketing and continuation of the spirit of champions

In 2017, MBO Air Conditioning entered into sports marketing, became the official cooperative designated brand of New Zealand with its high quality products, and became the title sponsor of New Zealand National Men's Basketball Team in 2019 Basketball World Cup, which drove MBO to enter the stage of globalization development.

In November 2022, MBO Group officially became the official top sponsor of Shenzhen Zhongsei Women's Volleyball Team, joining hands to fight in the 2022-2025 China Women's Volleyball Super League. Through the influence of the league and foreign players in the world, Mibo brand's international influence will be enhanced again, and Mibo's internationalization process will enter a fast track of development.

In May 2023, MEBO Group will be the title sponsor of the 2023 CBSA American 9-Ball Championship Challenge in Xidi Ancient Village, Yixian County, China. Through the cooperation of domestic and international sports events such as basketball, volleyball and billiards, Meibo Group continues to deliver the spirit of Meibo to global users!


In June 2023, MEBO Group became the only sponsor in the air conditioning industry officially recognized by FIBA's "International Solidarity Cup" and the only sponsor in the air conditioning industry officially recognized by the Serbian Basketball Federation for the Serbian Men's National Basketball Team to join hands with the Serbian Men's National Basketball Team to compete in the "International Solidarity Cup". International Solidarity Cup".





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