Meibo Group cheered on Shenzhen Zhongsai Women's Volleyball Team with a 3-0 victory over Guangdong team!


On the evening of November 14th, the 2023-2024 season of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League held a group stage match at the Longhua Sports Center in Shenzhen, with Shenzhen Zhongsai Women's Volleyball Team playing against Guangdong Taishan Team at home. As the official sponsor of Shenzhen Zhongsai Women's Volleyball Team from 2022 to 2025, Meibo Group dispatched a 200 person cheerleading team to cheer for the Shenzhen team. In the end, Shenzhen Zhongsai team easily defeated Guangdong Taishan team 3-0, with a three game score of 26:24, 25:10, and 25:19.

In recent years, Meibo has adhered to the path of international sports marketing to create an international and youthful brand image, and also hopes to integrate the spirit of hard work in sports into enterprise management. In November last year, Meibo signed a contract to become the official sponsor of Shenzhen Zhongsai Women's Volleyball Team, aiming to promote sports marketing while using the spirit of women's volleyball to push Meibo towards its goal of billions.

In order to further stimulate the work passion and fighting spirit of Meibo people, on November 14th, during the match between Shenzhen China Serbia Women's Volleyball Team and Guangdong Taishan Women's Volleyball Team at home, Meibo Group organized 200 Meibo employees and partner representatives to go to the Longhua Sports Center in Shenzhen to cheer for the host team, injecting unlimited power into the Shenzhen China Serbia team. Meibo's strategic partner, Anshida, posted a banner on site saying, "Anshida Helps Meibo Air Conditioning, Cheers Shenzhen Women's Volleyball Team!" Amidst the cheers of Meibo people, Shenzhen Zhongsai team defeated Guangdong Taishan team 3-0 and won this exciting game.

Meibo Group spokesperson Gan Jianguo said, "The competition was very exciting, and both sides did their best to strive for every point. We fully felt the tense atmosphere and the spirit of not giving up." Meibo's air conditioning customer, Zhang Min, the general manager of Dezuo Electric in Dongguan, said, "Thank you very much for organizing this event, which has touched me deeply.". We make air conditioning like a competition, we must have the spirit of hard work and the courage to fight in order to achieve victory

After the competition, representatives from Meibo Group congratulated the women of Shenzhen Central Serbia on queuing up, encouraging them to continue to work hard, fight bravely, and strive for the next victory. The mascots of Meibo air conditioning brand, Xiaomei and Xiaobo, also arrived at the scene to take photos and interact with the women's volleyball team members and fans.

"We are very grateful for the sincerity and enthusiasm of Meibo Group, and we will do our best to play every game well, striving to repay and care for our enterprises and fans with excellent results," said Pragyevich, the captain of Shenzhen Zhongsai Women's Volleyball Team