Meibo Group and Anshida jointly launch a "one year only replacement, no repair" VIP service!


Recently, Meibo Group and Anshida announced a strategic partnership to launch VIP services. Both parties will comprehensively upgrade their after-sales service and provide customers with a more efficient, professional, and standardized service experience, based on the new after-sales policy of "quality issues, one-year replacement" announced by Yu Fangwen, Chairman of Meibo Group, at the 2024 Meibo Air Conditioning Global Strategic Partnership Conference.

The launch of the new after-sales policy of "quality issues, one-year replacement" is not only the confidence of Meibo Air Conditioning in quality, but also a firm commitment to users. Meibo Group has a total of 12 laboratories in its three bases in Shunde, Guangdong, Anqing, Anhui, and Wuhu. Before the release of its products, they need to be jointly approved by the technical department, production department, process department, quality department, and product experience department before mass production can be carried out. From research and development, incoming materials, production to testing, every aspect of quality is strictly controlled.

As a leading service solution provider in the home appliance industry, Anshida will establish closer communication channels, optimize service processes and improve service efficiency through strategic cooperation between both parties, respond to customer needs in a faster and more reliable manner, and provide professional solutions.
In the new year of cooperation, both parties have reached a VIP after-sales service based on user needs. By following up on the entire service process, monitoring and evaluating to ensure its implementation. This service standard will motivate Meibo Group and Anshida to work together to achieve their goals by improving service quality and timeliness.

Meibo Group is customer-centric and has always been committed to providing customers with excellent products and services. Yu Fangwen, Chairman of Meibo Group, stated that in the future, we will further improve our after-sales system, accelerate the self construction of professional service outlets, and ensure comprehensive coverage of our service scope. We will adhere to nationwide warranty and a six-year warranty for the entire machine, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction!

The strategic cooperation between Meibo Group and Anshida marks a deep cooperation between the two sides in the field of air conditioning after-sales service. Both sides will work together to share resources, complement each other's advantages, and enhance opportunities for both sides to jointly serve and expand industrial value.