Meibo Group Holds a Signing Conference on Business Responsibility System


On January 29th, Meibo Group held the 2024 Business Responsibility System Signing Conference at its Jun'an Base. Amidst the passionate soundtrack, the Chairman of the Group, Yu Fangwen, signed the 2024 business responsibility system with department heads of various units on behalf of the Group.


In 2023, with the efforts of all Meibo employees, Meibo Group achieved excellent business performance and achieved its main business goals. In 2024, Meibo Group set an overall growth target of 30% and, after thorough communication and discussion, decomposed it into each operating unit and management department.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Group, Yu Fangwen, delivered an important speech. He expressed his hope that Meibo will become a fair and just platform, allowing truly capable people to demonstrate their value and realize their ideals. For several consecutive years, the group has fully authorized and promoted the goal responsibility system, allowing each unit and department to independently focus on their goals, greatly improving the efficiency and initiative of decision-making, and achieving good results. The development of an enterprise must rely on a process system and rules, clear responsibilities, clear rewards and punishments, rewards that should be rewarded and eliminated, rather than relying on personal emotions. He emphasized that the signing of the responsibility system is both ceremonial and significant. Since everyone has signed an agreement, reached a consensus, and claimed responsibility, we must work hard in business management, lead the team well, decompose the goals well, conscientiously implement and complete the goals, and fulfill our commitments.

The conference also held an oath taking ceremony. Under the leadership of the Director of the Financial Center, Xuan Qinbo, department heads of each unit raised their right hands with firm eyes and solemnly swore, "We will lead all staff in our department to overcome difficulties, give our all, and we will definitely achieve the group's various responsibility system goals for 2024!"