Good Luck for Construction | 2024 Longteng China, Meibo Flying!



New Year, New Atmosphere, Everything Starts Well

Salute cannons scattered throughout the sky

Welcoming the the Year of the Loong


The drums and gongs sing together, and the auspicious lions dance together

Belonging to Meibo Group's "Hot and Spicy Year"

Opening a wonderful prelude

Ready to go, good luck long LONG

In 2023, with the efforts of all Meibo employees, Meibo Group achieved good performance and maintained a high-speed development trend, taking another big step forward to build a billion dollar Meibo!

Start construction with joy, everything is on schedule

In 2024, challenges and opportunities coexist. To cross the industry cycle and lead industry development, it is necessary to promote comprehensive transformation and upgrading of enterprises. 2024 is the year of quality for Meibo. Not only should we focus on quality management throughout the entire process, comprehensively improve product quality, and achieve upward upgrading and transformation of quality, but we also need to comprehensively strengthen various work, achieve technological upgrading, manufacturing upgrading, product upgrading, brand upgrading, marketing upgrading, service upgrading, and management upgrading, promote the overall breakthrough and upgrading of the enterprise, and achieve high-quality development.


Three requirements are proposed for the new year's work of Meibo Group:

1 Having higher goals and pursuits

The development of enterprises is like sailing against the current, either not advancing or retreating. In the new year, every Meibo employee should set higher goals, pursue new goals, maintain upward momentum, pursue growth and progress, and meet a better version of themselves.


Start construction with joy, everything is on schedule

2 Everything emphasizes quality, efficiency, and results

Strive for excellence, pursue ultimate perfection, and continuously improve one's work ability and skill level.

3 people oriented

From an internal management perspective, one of our core tasks is to introduce, cultivate, retain, and maximize the value of each individual, allowing them to make progress, gain a sense of value, and build a cohesive and combat effective team. From the perspective of external communication and cooperation, putting users and customers at the center, doing well in products and services, allowing customers to be respected and developed, and providing users with the best consumption experience.

In 2024, Meibo Group has set a development goal of 30% overall growth, and achieving this goal depends on the efforts of all Meibo employees. Let us uplift the spirit of dragon and horse, forge ahead with hard work and strength, and achieve the beautiful wish of "Dragon Teng China, Beauty and Bo Fly" with practical work and strength!