Meibo air conditioning won the "technological innovation pioneer" award!


On July 20, the "2023 China Air Conditioning Industry Summit Forum" with the theme of "Opportunity Has Arrived, Change Is Arriving" was successfully held in Lanzhou, Gansu. At the meeting, Meibo Reba Heat Pump Air Conditioning KFRD-36GW/BPD8-R50 won the "Science and Technology Innovation Pioneer" award issued by the National Household Electrical Appliances Industry Information Center.

Meibo Rebar Heat Pump Air Conditioner is a new generation of heat pump household air conditioner in Meibo. It is equipped with EVI jet enthalpy-increasing frequency conversion compressor and DC frequency conversion motor. It adopts a new generation of heat pump technology and can still effectively cool/heat in the extreme temperature environment of 60°C and -35°C. The cooling and heating capacity is only attenuated by about 5%, especially when heating, it saves more than 30% energy than the traditional air conditioner. In addition, it also has low noise operation, a key automatic washing, independent dehumidification and other functions. It is an important innovation achievement of Meibo's focus on low-carbon development and heat pump air conditioning strategy. This award shows that Meibo's leading position in the heat pump home air conditioning segment has been recognized by the industry.

This forum is guided by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, hosted by the National Household Electrical Appliances Industry Information Center and Zhongjia Institute (Beijing) Testing and Certification Co., Ltd., China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, China Economic System Reform Research Association, China National Institute of Standardization, China Quality Leading experts from the Certification Center and other units gathered together with representatives of dozens of companies in air-conditioning related industries such as Gree, Midea, Haier, and Meibo, on the industry development, consumption trends, policy direction, technical standards, product innovation and other topics were fully discussed, communicated and exchanged.

The forum believes that under the background of national energy conservation and environmental protection preferential policy support and consumers' increasing awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, air-conditioning manufacturing technology has been continuously upgraded, product energy efficiency has been greatly improved, and the industry is developing steadily in the direction of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. The focus of the development of the air-conditioning industry is still on the upgrading of product structure and product technology. Enterprises should increase product technological innovation and research and development, and promote a green, intelligent, healthy, low-carbon and comfortable lifestyle.