Cross-border Huawei Asks for Car Entrance, Meibo Shows Innovative Password for Air Conditioning Marketing


Meibo brand seems to be born for innovation! In a short period of five years, the Meibo brand has gone from pioneering the concept of shared air conditioning in the Internet of Things to creating a new category of wearable air conditioning, and now joining Huawei's Hongmeng ecosystem, making cars the entrance to smart homes and opening up a new track for home appliance innovation, which is really worth thinking about by the home appliance industry.

In the mature field of home appliances, if there is no innovation, no innovative technology, products and services to meet users' pursuit of a better life, then the home appliance industry will lose the motivation to continue to develop. In this regard, as the home appliance industry that has entered the stock market, many home appliance manufacturers are in a wait-and-see state under operating pressure.

However, just as the industry hesitates, there will always be surprises! On March 10, the marketing campaign of "Choose meipont Heat Pump Air Conditioner, Open HUAWEI Ask the World Car" launched by Meibo Group's Meibang Electric Appliance and Huawei Auto Business surprised the home appliance industry again and revealed a brand-new password for air conditioning innovation.


Breaking the Information Gap Cars become smart home entrance

It is an exciting attempt to create value for customers and users meipont the marketing activities of air conditioners and HUAWEI cars. It is understood that the HUAWEI car is equipped with a brand-new HarmonyOS smart cockpit, breaking the information gap between different devices, so that the vehicle is no longer an island, but a super terminal that can flow seamlessly with people, mobile phones, smart homes, smart watches, etc. The car will become a new entrance to the smart home scene.

At the activity site, the test driver also successfully carried out voice remote control operation on two meipont Hongmeng Zhilian air conditioners through the Hongmeng ecosystem in the car. He not only felt the extreme driving experience of HUAWEI's car, but also felt that the intelligent control system and good performance of meipont Hongmeng Zhilian air conditioner brought high-quality intelligent and comfortable life experience to users.

Gan Jianguo, a spokesperson for Meibo Group and executive director of Meibang Electric, said that the meipont brand has been actively embracing digital and intelligent technology, and is committed to using technology and innovation to endow products with wisdom, enhance product power, and make meipont air conditioners the digital transformation of the air conditioning industry. The vane.

Just as Zhang Yanbin, director of the Smart Home Appliance Industry Research Center of China Enterprise News Group, said, Meibo Group is a brave explorer of the Internet and intelligent application of home appliances. It has successively tried the application of shared air conditioners and wearable air conditioners. It is the first in the industry to try to use automobiles as the entrance of smart homes, which is of leading significance to the continuous deepening of the intelligence of the home appliance industry.


Marketing cross-border out of the circle Fromout of the circleTo the big factory gradually deepen

For Meibo Group out of the circle of innovation, whether it is the news media or home appliance industry is no stranger. In August 2017, the public test version of the shared air conditioning 1.0 was launched in Shunde, which originated from Meibo. Meibo first introduced the concept of Internet sharing into the air conditioning industry, creating the world's first Meibo shared air conditioning brand.

Not limited to this, 5 years later, Meibo cross-border innovation once again shocked the industry. In July 2022, Meibo Air Conditioning released a wearable air conditioner for the vibration industry. Meibo wearable air conditioning broke the curing mode, with the uniqueness of innovation and the practicality of the application of the scene, giving the traditional home appliances re-innovation ideas, piercing the traditional home appliances innovation long-term limited ceiling.

However, only more than half a year later, Meibo Group's company-Meibang (Guangdong) Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. crossed the border with HUAWEI to ask for cars, marking the entry of meipont air conditioner into Huawei's Hongmeng ecosystem. The core is that the vehicle is no longer an island, but a new entrance to the smart home scene, which is still the first in the home appliance industry.

For Meibo Group, the cooperation with Huawei Automobile can not only enhance the image and reputation of the Meibo brand, but more importantly, cooperation with high-tech enterprises is conducive to the improvement of technology. The future of home appliances lies in the integration of smart home in the middle, and smart home is now in the initial stage, it is urgent to find the user generally recognized entrance. In this sense, the cooperation between Meibo Group's brand meipont Air Conditioning and Huawei in the field of cross-border automobiles is a useful attempt.


Cross-border integration and innovation Why is it always from Mabo?

Judging from the continuous innovation path of Meibo, from the initial proposal and landing of the concept of Internet sharing air conditioner, to the original application scenario of Meibo wearable air conditioner, to breaking the isolated island of information and making cars the entrance of smart homes, the innovation is completely dominated by Internet thinking. Each time, it not only steps on the beat of the times, but also accurately hits the pain points of users' needs.

At the same time, Meibo has started cross-border marketing with sports since 2017. From sponsoring the New Zealand national team to sponsoring the Shenzhen Zhongsai women's volleyball team, through sports, a ball game that everyone likes, it has narrowed the distance with young users, creating a youthful, people-friendly and extravagant image positioning, and empowering the marketing of Meibo products.

Meibo is always able to be unconventional in the industry. This is because Meibo, as the "Top Ten Brands in the Air Conditioning Industry" recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has been full of Internet cell genes since its rise. Therefore, whenever the social and market environment changes, Meibo can always take the lead in the forefront of the industry. At present, the home appliance industry is looking for smart home entrance, Meibo's exploration of the industry has far-reaching historical significance.

Director Zhang Yanbin believes that Meibo, as a new brand of air conditioning, has introduced cross-border innovative products so frequently around the traditional air conditioning industry. On the one hand, it makes the industry think deeply about the boundaries of air conditioning innovation, indicating that traditional household appliances have huge room for innovation under the blessing of new technologies. On the other hand, it also shows that Meibo's innovation gene is strong and has provoked the important responsibility of the industry's cross-border innovation pioneer.