Meibo Group's domestic and foreign sales are in full swing to compete for global orders!


Recently, Yu Fangwen, chairman of Meibo Group, received New Year condolences from the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. After the Spring Festival, it entered the peak season of air-conditioning production, and the R & D, production, sales and other departments of Meibo Group began a tense and busy work rhythm, and started to grab global orders in an all-round way! Chairman Yu said that as a member of Foshan manufacturing enterprises, Meibo will continue to fulfill its corporate responsibilities in 2023, strive for the economy, and promote the development of Meibo by selling differentiated innovative products to 82 countries!


Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Government Send New Year Condolences

Recently, Yu Fangwen, chairman of Meibo Group, received a letter of condolences from Zheng Ke, secretary of the Foshan Municipal CPC Committee, and Bai Tao, mayor of Foshan. The letter mentioned that in 2022, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, Foshan's economic and social development has achieved new gratifying results. 2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government will promote the high-quality manufacturing industry, continuously optimize the business environment, and strive to write a new chapter in Foshan's modernization.

Chairman Yu felt very excited after reading the letter and said that 2023 is the year of great development of Meibo. With the full support of Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Meibo Group will surely Do not forget your initiative mind, forge ahead and contribute to the enterprise.


Major base hot recruitmentSpring breeze blowing "salary" opportunity

The overall demand for new employees in major bases is about 1000 people.

On January 29, when Meibo Group started construction, the arrival rate of old employees in Wuhu and Shunde bases reached 100 percent. At present, the group's major manufacturing bases have a hot demand for recruitment. The overall demand for new employees is about 1000, and about 700 new employees have been recruited within three days. Due to the full orders at home and abroad and the shortage of products, the Meibo production workshop has entered a state of intense mass production, striving to meet the order demand of 82 countries around the world.


Domestic Marketing Center

2023 Meibo Domestic Marketing Aims at Significant Growth Target

On January 29, the domestic marketing center of household air conditioner successfully held the 2023 spring annual meeting with the theme of "gathering heart and peers to start a new chapter" at the base of Meibo Shunde. at the meeting, the leaders of the domestic marketing headquarters, the directors and regional managers of all regions in the country jointly studied and discussed new business ideas and strategic plans, defined the sales targets and tasks for the new year, and signed the business responsibility form for the new year.

In the face of the air-conditioning industry's new starting point, new track, 2023 Meibo air conditioning clearly take the road of differentiation, solid regional deep cultivation strategy. A new generation of carbon dioxide heat pump air conditioners will be launched, and the frequency conversion upgrade of all products will be accelerated on the basis of switching the use of R32 refrigerant in all Meibo air conditioning products from December 1, 2022.

At the meeting, Deng Hua, general manager of the domestic marketing center for household air conditioners, analyzed the domestic economic environment and the development direction of the air conditioning market, and made a three-year strategic plan for the domestic marketing center. Deng Zong said that in the next three years, the domestic market of Meibo Air Conditioning will continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend, requiring all marketing officers and men to unify their thinking, goals and actions. All regions should set good goals, focus on products, concentrate resources, strengthen brand advantages, do a good job in systematic division of labor, and work together to create better performance!

Finally, the domestic sales team set a clear goal of "doubling 2023 performance", firm belief, and went to the national market to start a new journey.


Overseas Marketing Center

Accurate layout of overseas marketing centers to accelerate global market development

On January 29, the 2023 New Year's Meeting of Meibo Overseas Marketing Center-"Accurate Layout, Accelerating Global Market Development" was solemnly held in Meibo Wuhu Base. At the meeting, Zhang Fan, general manager of the overseas center, summarized and fully affirmed the work results in 2022. He said that the opportunity in 2023 lies in the blank of the global market, deep excavation of customers, brand building and other advantages, while the challenge lies in exchange rate fluctuations, geopolitical conflicts, international sanctions and other factors. On the basis of the excellent performance achieved in 2022, I hope that everyone will continue to maintain the original intention of struggle, the spirit of brave struggle, so as to link the past and the next, and continue to open up the market.

Since its establishment in 2019, the Overseas Center has maintained a growth trend of doubling its business scale for three consecutive years. "Take it from the top, get it from it." The group's goals and tasks for overseas establishment are the basic line of all overseas center personnel. All overseas personnel are full of confidence and enthusiasm. I believe that in the new year, we will use practical actions and performance data to fulfill our goals and missions.

Yu Fangwen, chairman of Meibo Group, fully affirmed and congratulated the growth performance of domestic and foreign marketing centers in 2022 and thanked the front-line marketing personnel for their hard work. In 2023, Meibo will continue to increase investment, accelerate the construction of two major bases in Anhui and Guangdong, and ensure production capacity; focus on scientific and technological innovation, launch a series of new products, and use innovative products to help Meibo develop! The group established a brand center to clarify the new brand positioning. Through continuous brand actions, it strengthened Meibo's global influence and injected new momentum into the Meibo brand.

With new goals, new attitudes and new momentum, the marketing elites at home and abroad will go to the global market to start a new journey. In 2023, they will fulfill their promises with actions and achievements and create new brilliance!