Meibo Group's 2023 Meeting: Concentrate on Creating Brilliance


On January 12, Meibo Group held the 2022 Business Summary and 2023 Planning Conference and 2023 Responsibility System Signing Conference at Shunde Headquarters with the theme of "Cohesion and Brilliance Together. The person in charge of the operating unit of Wuhu base and Anqing base attended the meeting by video. Chairman Yu Fangwen pointed out that the challenge is endless. In the new year, we should work together and strive hard to achieve the 2023 business target.

Seriously sum up the careful planning

On the morning of the same day, the heads of various functional departments and business units carefully summarized the work of their respective units in 2022 and made detailed plans and arrangements for the work in 2023. In 2022, the operating units of all business sectors have achieved outstanding results and achieved substantial growth. Among them, the domestic marketing center of household air conditioning increased by 46%, the overseas marketing center increased by 80%, the commercial air conditioning division increased by 50%, and the Lejing division increased by 42%. Last year, the U.S. State Division and Huawei carried out strategic cooperation, and U.S. State Zhilian Air Conditioning joined Huawei's Hongmeng ecosystem. Meibo Special Air Conditioning Technology Company's global first wearable air conditioner, a shot and red, hot all over the network.

Chairman Yu Fangwen fully affirmed the operating results of various functional departments and operating units in 2022, pointed out the shortcomings, and commented on the 2023 work plan, encouraging everyone to achieve better operating results in 2023.

Sign the target mission must reach

In the afternoon of the same day, Yu Fangwen, chairman of the group, signed the 2023 operating responsibility system on behalf of Meibo Group and the heads of various functional departments and business units. Among them, the overseas marketing center, Wuhu factory, quality center responsible person in Wuhu base for webcast signing.

In 2023, all functional departments and business units have set higher management goals. The goal is to increase substantially on the basis of 2022 and achieve structural growth of new products. The responsible persons of all departments and units have expressed that they will go all out and work hard. Dare to innovate, achieve new breakthroughs, and achieve new goals.

Chairman Yu Fangwen signed a letter of responsibility with Deng Hua, general manager of the domestic marketing center.

Chairman Yu Fangwen signed a letter of responsibility with Wu Lizhi, general manager of Lejing Division.

Sowing seeds to challenge the peak

Yu Fangwen, chairman of the group, stood at the height of the industry and enterprises, had a deep insight into the current situation and development trend of the air conditioning industry, summarized a series of brilliant achievements made by Meibo Group in 2022, and fully affirmed and praised it. He said that in 2022, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, Meibo completed its annual task perfectly, and its overall operating performance increased by 40% year-on-year. In 2022, we have done a lot of work, laid the foundation for future development, planted a lot of seeds, placed new hopes for the future of Meibo, and increased our confidence in future development. These are the results of the joint efforts of our team. For this reason, he expressed his gratitude to everyone for their efforts over the past year.

Chairman Yu Fangwen signed a letter of responsibility with Gan Jianguo, general manager of Meibang Marketing Department.

Chairman Yu Fangwen signed a letter of responsibility with Li Shuzhong, general manager of Wanbao Air Conditioning Division.

Chairman Yu Fangwen requested that in the new year of 2023, all business units should make persistent efforts to achieve substantial growth, increase the structural proportion of innovative products, and improve the quality of operations. I hope all Meibo people will work together, work together and strive hard to achieve the 2023 goals and tasks and promote the great development of Meibo. Challenge peak, never-ending, cohesion, create brilliant.