Social responsibility

Air conditioning is cooler in the battle of "epidemic"-Foshan Municipal Committee and Meibo Company hold wearable air conditioning donation ceremony

On the morning of September 14, the Foshan Municipal Committee of the Zhi Gong Party and Guangdong Meibo Special Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. held a wearable air conditioner donation ceremony to Foshan First People's Hospital, Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Municipal Second People's Hospital, and Municipal Fourth People's Hospital. The hospital donated a batch of love materials worth 180000 yuan-Meibo wearable air conditioners to provide material guarantee for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Foshan.


Heart-based Education, Benefiting Education and Ze Xue-Guangdong Meibo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. donates air conditioners to Rong Gui Foreign Language School

Guangdong Meibo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is passionate about education and generous donations have brought encouragement and support to the development of Ronggui Foreign Language School. On the afternoon of September 13, Guangdong meibo refrigeration equipment co., ltd. donated air conditioning to our school. the ceremony was held in the school. Principal Zhang Chao accepted the donation on behalf of the school, and issued a donation certificate to the representative of the enterprise and returned the award-winning works of our school's photography base.


Put the air conditioner on! Le from the medical staff have a "summer artifact"

Starting from July 19, medical staff engaged in nucleic acid extraction in Lecong Hospital in Shunde District will be equipped with a "artifact" of reducing heat and cooling, which is a new wearable air conditioner developed by Guangdong Meibo Special Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., a local enterprise of Lunjiao. This air conditioner has gone through more than 400 scene experiments and 23 patented technologies. It is a new special air conditioner specially customized for outdoor high-temperature workers such as "Da Bai". After three minutes of startup, its output temperature can quickly drop to 16 ℃, allowing medical staff to get rid of the "sweat steaming" mode.


Meibo Group Donates Wearable Air Conditioner to Junan Hospital

On the afternoon of July 18, the donation receiving ceremony of Meibo Wearable Air Conditioning Junan Hospital was held in Shilong Sports Center. Huang Dongqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Junan Town, Ouyang Hua, Deputy Mayor, He Detian, Deputy Director of the Public Service Office, Shen Yinfeng, General Manager of IOT World, Zhao Haidong, Assistant President of Meibo Group, Gan Jianguo, Executive Director of Guangdong Meibo Special Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd., Yao Jinchi, Executive Vice President, Huang Jingjing, and other leading guests attended the donation ceremony.


The "big white" of Lunjiao Hospital has a cooling "artifact"! Meibo Group Donates Wearable Air Conditioner to Lunjiao Hospital

On the afternoon of July 16, the donation receiving ceremony of Meibo Wearable Air Conditioning Lunjiao Hospital was held in Lunjiao Hospital. Ye Shankai, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lunjiao Sub-district Office, Lu Lijuan, Director of Street Public Service Office and Health Office, Shen Yinfeng, General Manager of IOT World, Yu Fangwen, Chairman of Meibo Group, Gan Jianguo, Executive Director of Guangdong Meibo Special Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd., Li Yongan, General Manager, Executive Deputy General Manager Yao Jinchi, Sales Director Yan Hao and members of Lunjiao Hospital team attended the donation ceremony.


Paying tribute to the workers under the high temperature, Meibo Air Conditioning Line Delivers Cool and Cool, Delivers Love and Shares Love

A few days ago, sanitation workers from many cities across the country received a "cool and practical" heatstroke prevention and cooling item from Meibo Air Conditioning. It is reported that this is the Meibo air conditioning in early July this year in the country launched the "Meibo air conditioning line to send cool" activities, pay tribute to the community's front-line workers, builders, including the city clean sanitation workers, stick to the fight against the epidemic site of the medical staff, as well as the high-temperature roasting road traffic traffic police, will be more love and kindness to pass out.


Flood fighting and rescue operation in Chizhou City

Since the flood season, the water level of the main and tributaries of the Yangtze River in Chizhou City, Anhui Province has risen rapidly due to the continuous heavy rainfall, the inflow of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the inflow of the interval. As of 8 a.m. on July 16, the water level at Chikou Station of the Yangtze River reached 16.74 meters, 1.74 meters above the warning level. At most, 214 of the 430 small and medium-sized reservoirs in the city exceeded the flood limit and 210 overflowed. Up to now, the local flood control situation is still grim.


"One Helmet and One Belt" Security Guard Operation

If you want to ask what is the major event of safe travel in China recently, it must be the "one helmet and one belt" security guard operation. Earlier, the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued a notice to carry out security guard operations nationwide from June 1, 2020. As a huge group of people riding electric bicycles, school teachers, students and parents must further improve their awareness of traffic safety and participate in safety protection actions.


For the national medical staff to clean air conditioning free of charge, the strength behind the great love of Meibo air conditioning society

MBO Meibo Air Conditioner, a well-known brand of shared air conditioners in China, will launch a market activity with the theme of "Thanks to Heroes in Hubei and Angels in White" in the near future. The purpose is to respond to the government's call to resume normal economic activities as soon as possible, and to start a prosperous market through public welfare activities.


Export Orders Greatly Increase Meibo Air Conditioning Resuming Work and Anti-epidemic Donation in Parallel

On February 12, Meibo Air Conditioning donated tens of thousands of masks and other medical supplies to Yuexi County. After learning about the shortage of anti-epidemic supplies in Yuexi County, Anhui Province, which is adjacent to Hubei Province, Meibo urgently purchased medical supplies through a wide range of customer resources scattered around the world. At the same time, almost every middle and senior management of Meibo also allocated corresponding supplies domestically through circle of friends.


[Witness] Fighching the Epidemic, Meibo Air Conditioner is in Action!

A few days ago, Meibo air conditioning is orderly organization of safe resumption of production, when learned that Yuexi County anti-epidemic materials lack of support news, the first time to organize materials. In the case of the shortage of relevant medical resources in China, the procurement of corresponding materials was finally completed after emergency deployment and rotation through customer resources scattered around the world, and a batch of medical masks was donated to the Yuexi County Government on February 12, 2020 for the Yuexi people to fight the epidemic together!


Meibo Air Conditioning Helps Education, Continued Public Welfare Action Highlights Corporate Social Responsibility

Gufang Township, 79 kilometers away from the county seat of Yuexi County, Anhui Province, is located at the junction of Anhui and Hubei in the abdomen of the Dabie Mountains. It is one of the poor areas in Anhui Province. The winter temperature here is around minus 7 degrees Celsius for a long time. The special geographical location and low level of economic development make the cost of running schools here high, and there is not enough financial ability to purchase air conditioners. Many school teachers and students are in such a bad and difficult environment for education and learning.


Implementation of Precision Poverty Alleviation, Meibo Air Conditioning Helps Yuexi Agricultural Products "Out of the Mountains"

The difference between a good company and a good company is that a good company can not only provide good products and services, but also work hard to make the world a better place. Just over half a month after the "opening storm of Meibo Air Conditioning" that shocked the air conditioning industry in China, MBO Meibo Air Conditioning, the largest dark horse in the air conditioning industry headquartered in Guangdong, went to Yuexi, Anqing, Dabie Mountain in Anhui Province, to carry out industrial poverty alleviation, convey warmth and stage a beautiful public welfare drama of brand merchants and channel merchants.


"Yuhua's Beauty, Boai Guangning" Charity Donation

On August 31, the "Yuhua Beauty, Boai Guangning" charity donation ceremony jointly organized by Yuhua Extreme Sports Relief Foundation, Guangning County Xinlianxin Helping Orphans and Poverty Alleviation Charity Association, and MBO Meibo Air Conditioning was successfully held in Guangzhou. And ended successfully!


Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility MBO Air Conditioning Love Helping the Disabled

A disabled employment park in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province is about to usher in a batch of brand-new air conditioners, all of which are printed with a unified LOGO (trademark):MBO Meibo. On the morning of October 20th, the "Meibo Air Conditioning Charity and Disabled Donation Ceremony" was held in Changzhi Suburban Daai Disabled Welfare Co., Ltd., China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, Shanxi Disabled Persons' Federation and Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation, Changzhi Suburban Government and The relevant leaders of organizations, enterprises and government units such as the Disabled Persons' Federation, Changzhi Daai Disabled Welfare Co., Ltd., Guangdong Meibo Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., Ltd., etc. witnessed the donation of Meibo Air.