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Infrequent switching


The air conditioner should not be switched on and off frequently.Since the general air conditioner does not have a time delay for shutdown (the delay time is about 3 minutes), this

WhenThisclass emptyAfter the regulator stopsAlthough it can be turned on immediately, it will take minutes.To run, so frequent startup, shutdown, not only shadow

Sound emptyAdjustable performance, it also costs more electricity for an instant after opening.

Avoid direct sunlight


The suitable temperature in summer is 26 ℃,Avoiding direct sunlight can save about 5% of electricity in air conditionersA well-insulated house will be more energy efficient.Because

Therefore, it is recommended that families build houses,Use insulation materials when adding or decorating.


Pay attention to the cleaning of the filter screen


After removing the air filter,Pat gently or use an electric vacuum cleaner to clean. If the filter net is too dirty, water can be used.or

MediumSex detergent for brushingWash, noteThe temperature should not exceed 50 ℃ to avoid deformation.

The air filter is a consumable, probably.Replace every 4 monthsIf the filter is blocked, the filtration capacity will be reduced and the air will be reduced.

Gascirculation volume, thus decreasinglow coldgas, heating effect.

Protect the heat sink


In the daily operation of air conditioning, we should pay attentionHeat sink to protect condenser and evaporator. 0.15 is the heat sink of the condenser and the evaporator

MillioMetersThe aluminum sheet is sleeved into the copper tube and then expanded. It cannot withstand collision. If the heat sink is damaged, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner.

Reduced refrigeration efficiency.

Do not block the air blow


Do not block the air outlet of the outdoor unit.When objects are placed at the air blower of the outdoor unit to block, the cooling and heating effects are reduced and power consumption is reduced.

good at profitAdjust with the wind direction,When heating, the wind is downward to the board, and when cooling, the wind is kept level to the board, and the effect is better.