3 steps to complete the air conditioning installation and repair, simple and convenient worry!


Summer is coming, and it's the season to live on air conditioning.

Only in this time to find out

"Stay where it's cool"

Is the most touching love words ~

But at this time,If the air conditioner suddenly fails

That moment from heaven came to the khan steam room

A temperature of thirty degrees at every turn

Just think about it all feel sweaty


Don't panic, Bo has already helped you out

Operate as follows,

One minute for repair,

After sales, immediate response!

[Warm tips:Please identify the official channel for air conditioning installation and repair]]


WeChat Report for Repair: MBO Meibo Air Conditioning


1) Pay attention to MBO Meibo Air Conditioning WeChat Service Number: mbo000001;

2) Click "After-sales Center-Report for Installation and Repair" in the lower right corner of the service number to enter the page of report for installation and repair;

3) Select the required after-sales service type, correctly fill in your personal information and product information and submit the application, you can apply for repair!

① Sweep the code and pay attention to the public number

② After-sales center-report for installation and repair


③ Select service type-improve information


After completing the reservation according to the above steps,

The backstage will receive your reservation order,

and dispatch orders to nearby service outlets,

Meibo after-sales service engineer will go to provide services as soon as possible.



National unified service hotline


Report for installation and repair of air conditioner

Air conditioning cleaning, disassembly and transfer

After-sales problems and consultation during use

Can call Meibo air conditioning national free special service hotline:


We will do our best to serve you attentively!

With the changing weather

As a result, the number of air conditioner installation and repair reports has gradually increased.

Meibo's after-sales masters are working overtime.

According to the order of reporting for installation and repair

For everyone one by one door-to-door installation and maintenance of air conditioning

Please be more understanding and more patient!