In the fight against the epidemic, Meibo air conditioners are on the front line!

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In the fight against the epidemic, Meibo air conditioners are on the front line!

At the moment of the epidemic, countless retrogrades have used stories one after another to show us their respectful bravery and responsibility in the face of the epidemic, and the progress of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and the safety of the front-line personnel of the Anti-Japanese War are also affecting all the time. The heart of every Chinese.

At the prevention and control point of Jiujiang Harmony Avenue in Wuhu, Anhui, nucleic acid detection point at Huaibei Railway Station in Anhui, multiple centralized isolation points in Tongling, Anhui, and centralized isolation center for epidemic prevention and control in Chongqing... These are the front lines of epidemic prevention and control, and you can always see Meibo Man struggling figure.

Since March, a new round of epidemic spread has occurred again in many parts of the country, and blocking the chain of epidemic transmission at the fastest speed and at the least cost has become the goal of joint efforts across the country. In this process, Meibo Air Conditioning, a mainstream enterprise from the home appliance industry, also actively responded and participated in an all-round way. In addition to ensuring the production and operation of the enterprise and the safety of its employees, it also responded to the anti-epidemic needs of local governments and provided heating needs such as air conditioners for the above isolation points. It also donated a series of anti-epidemic materials to provide the most "hard-core" backup guarantee for the front line of epidemic prevention, and took the initiative to undertake the social responsibility and responsibility of an enterprise with practical actions.

As early as February this year, when the strongest and largest rain and snow weather hit since the Year of the Tiger, in order to help this epidemic prevention and control battle, so that the medical staff and patients who stick to the front line of the anti-epidemic can have a warmer and more comfortable medical environment, Meibo Air Conditioning attached great importance to it and acted quickly to provide a batch of air conditioners to keep warm for the nucleic acid detection point of Huaibei Railway Station in Anhui Province. After entering March, Meibo Air Conditioning once again donated a batch of anti-epidemic living materials to the prevention and control point of Harmony Avenue in Jiujiang District, Wuhu, and fought on the front line of anti-epidemic.

In mid-March, with the new changes in the spread of the epidemic in some places, Meibo Air Conditioning actively participated in the anti-epidemic work, and successively provided more than 800 sets of air conditioners to isolation points in Tongling, Anhui. The first batch of air conditioners has been installed and put into use, and the remaining air conditioners will be delivered quickly.


At the same time, after receiving the air-conditioning purchase demand from the centralized isolation center for epidemic prevention and control in Chongqing, Meibo Air-conditioning responded quickly, held an emergency docking meeting, organized the allocation of goods sources overnight, and finally completed the allocation of more than 860 sets of air-conditioners. It was successfully delivered to the isolation point of the talent apartment in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing Science City.

Unite together to fight the epidemic! Different from general household appliances, air conditioners involve professional installation and design, and due to special requirements during the epidemic, the installation work must be completed in a short period of time. To ensure the completion of the task, the after-sales service department of Meibo Air Conditioning responds quickly and actively participates. Every second counts against the project party to ask for a battle, and the whole process is quickly supported and guaranteed. Excellent after-sales service engineers who arrange the skill process through emergency coordination, and at the same time cooperate with high-quality air conditioners to install and adjust equipment. Complete the task of rushing to install the air conditioner at the isolation point as soon as possible.

As a Taimeibo air conditioner is installed on the wall and put into use, its high-efficiency sterilization, deodorization and other air purification functions can improve air quality for medical staff and patients in high-risk working environments, and reduce the risk of cross-infection. Provided help to build a solid line of health defense for them.

In fact, Meibo has always been practicing social corporate responsibility, contributing to the anti-epidemic work, and protecting the health of medical staff and patients with a steady stream of positive energy. As early as 2021, Meibo Air Conditioning was awarded the title of "Advanced Anti-epidemic Enterprise" awarded by the Guangdong Home Appliance Industry Association, and while ensuring that the production and operation of the enterprise meets the requirements of anti-epidemic, it also devotes itself to the society and assumes a responsibility.

In recent years, based on the goal of "excellent quality, ingenious service", Meibo air conditioners have formed the light luxury school intelligent voice, light luxury school future style, light luxury school U Health, Zhenxin school, Xinxin school, Zhixin school, Yuexin Pie and Qingxin Pie series products have achieved precise coverage of consumer needs such as intelligence, healthy sterilization, self-cleaning water washing, and comfortable wind. In the end, with the new engine of "integrated manufacturing of the whole industry chain", Meibo Air Conditioning has continuously consolidated its professional manufacturing capabilities, realized the quality of "making high-quality products and producing high-quality products", and finally allowed users to obtain reliable experience and guarantee.