After-sales service business mobilization conference |

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After-sales service business mobilization conference |

On March 13, the 2022 peak season mobilization meeting for after-sales service providers in the Pearl River Delta region of Meibo Air Conditioning was successfully held at the headquarters base in Shunde, Guangdong. The senior leaders of Meibo Group, the after-sales service team of Meibo and the service provider team in the Pearl River Delta region gathered together to conduct in-depth communication and exchanges on after-sales work planning, service skills training, service management, and commendation for excellence, and actively expand service guidance and services during peak seasons The team is mobilized to effectively fight the tough battle in the peak season!


Meibo Air Conditioning Service Providers' 2022 Peak Season Mobilization Conference

At the beginning of the meeting, Deng Hua, vice president and general manager of domestic marketing of Meibo Group, expressed a warm welcome to the after-sales service providers of Meibo air conditioners from the Pearl River Delta region, and sincerely thanked the service staff for their hard work. Mr. Deng said: "After-sales service, as an important part of sales, directly affects the brand's status in the hearts of customers, its importance is self-evident. It is precisely because of the strong support of the vast number of after-sales service outlets and the silent efforts of countless after-sales service providers. Only Meibo domestic marketing can continue to create miracles.”

Deng Hua, Vice President and General Manager of Domestic Marketing of Meibo Group

"Meibo air conditioners have been deeply involved in the market for more than ten years, and they have been making breakthroughs and transformations. The iterative update of Meibo's after-sales service has achieved results, and the market response is well-received." Mr. Deng pointed out: "At present, there are many "pain points" in the after-sales service work of the home appliance industry, and the after-sales service system of Meibo must be To develop "specialization" and "marketization", Meibo after-sales service engineers should also move towards "diversified", "integrated" and "standardized" services! Continue to control the quality so that consumers can buy with confidence; continue Do a good job of after-sales service, so that consumers can use it with peace of mind! I hope that all Meibo service providers will adhere to the consistent spirit of ingenuity, with the concept of "quality service, worry-free", and continue to serve each user well!"

Liu Fusheng, Director of Meibo Customer Service Center

At the meeting, Liu Fusheng, director of the customer service center of Meibo, made a comprehensive summary of the after-sales service work in the past year, and objectively analyzed the difficulties existing in the early stage and now. Mr. Liu deeply expressed his confidence and vision for the service work in the peak season in 2022, and hoped that manufacturers will unite as one to face and overcome difficulties together with a positive and enterprising attitude and spirit. Truly implement the new trend of cooperation of "mutual benefit and win-win, and create a win-win situation", mobilize all service provider partners to carry forward the past and forge ahead, make persistent efforts towards the service direction and goals of Meibo in 2022, and fully advance towards the great victory of the service work in the peak season of 2022.

Chen Zhuoping, Minister of Customer Service of Meibo

Subsequently, Chen Zhuoping, the director of customer service of Meibo, made plans for the work of the customer service department in 2022. In the new year, Meibo after-sales will be committed to improving the user experience, speeding up the self-built network system, speeding up service upgrades, standardizing industry service standards, realizing "point-to-point" 5-star service, and ensuring the service quality of Meibo.

After-sales service skills training

In the training session, the heads of the various after-sales sectors of Meibo shared the knowledge of installation and maintenance, after-sales system operation, and general knowledge of accessories with the participating service providers. They asked everyone to follow the pace and learn product technology in depth. Serve the market faster and serve each customer, thereby effectively improving the core assessment indicators such as installation and maintenance satisfaction, completion rate, and one-time door-to-door solution rate.

Strive to be the first, and practice the power of example! In order to stimulate the passion and fighting spirit of Meibo after-sales service providers, the meeting also selected the "2021 Excellent Service Providers" and held an award ceremony.

Excellent Service Provider of 2021

One after another excellent service provider units and individuals are connected in series, united as one, and create brilliant together. They used their youth and struggle to forge the reputation of Meibo brand and service, and ushered in today's brilliance.
The journey of a thousand miles begins in the present, and the grand plan will be unfolded. In the past year, a large number of outstanding front-line personnel have emerged in our service work. In the face of difficulties, they take it easy, and in the face of setbacks, they never give up. They are the powerhouses of life and the warriors of the market. They interpret persistence with professionalism and continue to write chapters with service. They are the people we admire most. Commendation is only a form, there are many excellent service provider teams and individuals, and Meibo Air Conditioning would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you.

This mobilization meeting put forward the new year's goals and requirements for Meibo after-sales service providers, and also showed us a better prospect, so that each of us can feel the bright future of Meibo air conditioners, and the service providers are determined together. , more confident to do our service work better.

We believe that the after-sales service work in 2022 will usher in even more brilliant achievements under the leadership of leaders at all levels of the headquarters and the strong support of friends from various service providers. The horn of the peak season has been sounded, our fighting spirit is high, and our determination is unswerving!

Group photo of after-sales service providers in the Pearl River Delta region of Meibo

The hot summer is coming quietly, and the after-sales service of Meibo air conditioners is on the way, ready to send you a peace of mind!