China Air Conditioning Industry Summit Forum Meibo Air Conditioning won three awards again, releasing brand power and product power

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China Air Conditioning Industry Summit Forum Meibo Air Conditioning won three awards again, releasing brand power and product power

The "Windless Aerobic TAN Source Traceability" 2022-2023 China Air Conditioning Industry Summit Forum, held on August 24, attracted China Household Electrical Appliances Association, National Climate Center, China Academy of Macroeconomics, Sun Yat-Sen University, and GFK Zhongyikang, and other research institutes, industry associations, distributors, as well as representatives of mainstream air-conditioning companies such as Haier, Midea, Hisense, and Meibo, look forward to the development trend of the 2023 cold year while taking stock of the market performance in the 2022 cold year.

As an annual theme event for China's air conditioning industry, the 2022-2023 China Air Conditioning Industry Summit Forum also takes stock, sorts out and commends the market performance of various air conditioning companies. As the youngest mainstream air conditioner brand in the industry, Meibo Air Conditioner appeared on the same stage with Gree, Haier, Midea and other brands, and won the "Leading Brand of Wearable Air Conditioner", "AI Artificial Intelligence Innovative Product Award", and "Pioneer Product of Innovation" in one fell swoop. Award" and other three awards, from the brand power, innovation, product power to quality power and other dimensions, comprehensively demonstrate the achievements of enterprise development.

In an interview with the media, Yu Fangwen, chairman of Meibo Group, said: "Technological innovation is the first driving force for industrial development. The biggest shortcoming that currently restricts the development of the entire air conditioning industry is the lack of technological innovation capabilities and not many innovative products. This year, Meibo air conditioners are not just launched. The world's first wearable air conditioner with miniature compressors, and it also focuses on AI voice and future wind technologies in household air conditioners, and promotes industrial development and progress with differentiated products and technologies based on technological innovation."


Based on quality foundation

Help products out of the circle with innovation


The air-conditioning market in the cold year of 2022 has entered the "finishing" stage. Although the first-tier market has declined, some companies have ushered in growth against the trend. The total data from Aowei Cloud (AVC) shows that in the first half of 2022, the omni-channel retail sales of air conditioners was 72.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 15.3%. At the same time, as the industry's "stabilizer" online channel, retail sales were 38 billion yuan, down 10.1% year-on-year.

Against the background that the online market has changed from rising to falling, and the retail sales of air conditioners have declined by double digits, Meibo air conditioners have stepped out of a new curve of "rising against the trend" in the cold year of 2022, and both sales and sales volume have achieved double-digit growth. At the same time, it also achieved steady growth in business indicators such as marketing outlets and user satisfaction. In the end, a new channel for high-quality development has been developed in the air-conditioning industry.

In the eyes of industry insiders, the growth of Meibo air conditioners is not surprising. On the one hand, the company insists on technological innovation and continuously launches differentiated products, which has driven the industry status of brand power to improve with product strength. This product award is the best proof; on the other hand, the company has consolidated the basic skills of quality, continued to invest in the intelligence and digitalization of manufacturing, and at the same time improved the skills of employees in key positions such as manufacturing processes, from software and hardware. A dimension continues to break through.

The Meibo light luxury style future wind-mounted wall-mounted air conditioner, which won the 2022-2023 "Innovative Pioneer Product Award" in China's air-conditioning industry this time, is an example. Through the industry's first "side double air intake" technology, it brings users healthy and comfortable wind. The air supply distance is long, the air supply angle is wide, and the air supply is strong and efficient.

This is precisely the research and development personnel of Meibo technology. Through in-depth research on the air circulation in the space, they have developed a new side double air intake system, which increases the area of air intake and air outlet, and brings stronger cooling and heating performance. When the fan mode is adjusted to the highest speed, cold air and warm air can be quickly delivered to every corner of the room. At the same time, with first-class energy efficiency, WIFI voice function, and 106-degree golden angle, it brings users a more energy-saving, efficient and three-dimensional air supply experience.

In addition, Meibo Xinxin Intelligent AI Voice Air Conditioner, which won the 2022-2023 "AI Artificial Intelligence Innovation Product Award" in China's air-conditioning industry, has long-distance voice control within 5m, 98% high wake-up rate, intelligent noise reduction recognition 98% high recognition rate, and 28S quick cooling and 56S quick heating not only bring more intelligence and convenience to consumers, but also show the multi-faceted and three-dimensional nature of Meibo's technological innovation to the outside world.


Subvert the traditional track

Empowering Brand Competitiveness with Tech Trends

The air-conditioning industry, which has entered a mature stage, has entered a period of stagflation in the development of various enterprises with the involution of competition, sluggish consumption and weak demand. Under this circumstance, as the youngest mainstream brand in the air-conditioning industry, after entering the new track of "shared air-conditioning" and occupying a place, Meibo air-conditioning once again based on the chassis of technological innovation, and opened up another development in the air-conditioning industry in 2022. The new track "Wearable Air Conditioner".

In 2022-2023, China's air conditioning industry will award the only "Wearable Air Conditioning Leading Brand" award to Meibo, which not only affirms its expansion of new space for the development of the air conditioning industry, but also declares that this new track opened by Meibo Air Conditioning has officially become the future development of the industry. One of the directions of transformation.

With strong innovation strength and unique user perspective, Meibo Air Conditioning is the world's first wearable air conditioner with miniature DC inverter compressor. After the invention of the air conditioner a hundred years later, the air conditioner can be directly "worn on the body". Comfortable and safe cooling.

In the eyes of industry insiders, the launch of wearable air conditioners, for Meibo air conditioners, is a comprehensive and three-dimensional display of its brand power and innovation in the industry, releasing the competitive endurance of the company's "accumulation". With the introduction of this product to the market and its application in many special industries, it will also endow the Meibo brand with new connotations such as technology and trendy products, thereby promoting the overall improvement of Meibo air conditioners in the industry from market size to technological innovation.

"In the past two years, Meibo's investment in products, technology, quality, and brand has continued to be stable and has grown steadily." Deng Hua, vice president of Meibo Group and general manager of the domestic marketing center, said that "making high-quality products produces high-quality products". For the product concept, Meibo Air Conditioning has invested more than 100 million yuan in product quality, technological innovation and efficiency improvement every year. After 12 years of development and precipitation, it has obtained more than 350 patented technologies, including more than 90 invention patents. It is these investments. Ultimately, it has become the product power and brand power recognized by users, and a new prelude to the development of Meibo's quality and branding.